Sunday, August 30, 2009


The whispers pass from Snake to ’Gator:
“O, what has become of the Modulator?
The Friday Ark has not set sail!”
Thus do the dogs and kitties wail.

Fear not! Good Cap’n Steve is here;
Though late, his presence gives us cheer.
A Sunday sailing may seem strange,
But circumstances dictate change!

Those circumstances, being a household move for Cap’n Steve, have resulted in a late - but welcome - boarding for Friday Ark #258. It’s up now, and all the critters are beside themselves with joy to know that the good Captain is OK. Let’s all wish him good fortune as he begins modulating (whatever that means) from his new Base o’ Operations!

And for those who crave more Kitty Kitnis, Carnival of the Cats #285 will be posted later today at When Cats Attack!

Update: CotC #285 is up.

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