Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The Missus stopped off at Ye Olde Ophthalmologist’s Shoppe for her annual checkup today. She came through with flying colors - no surprise - but with a raging case of the Red-Ass.

What pissed her off was that as soon as she arrived, the receptionist handed her a sheaf of forms to fill out... the kind of forms you’d expect to have to fill out if you were a new patient, not one who has been seeing the same Eyeball Doctor for the past ten years.

“Why the fuck do I need to fill these out?” asked the Missus. ”Nothing has changed since last year!”

Actually, she did not use those exact words (she is far too well-mannered for that!), but she thought ’em. And the receptionist explained that it was because “people say nothing has changed, but when we look at the forms, we find that there are things that have changed.”

“All righty then,” responds the Missus. “But there will be a letter to the Times about this.”

[Maybe not, but there will be a post on Blog d’Elisson. And you’re looking at it.]

We love our ophthalmologist, but how badly run is your practice when you make your patients fill out the same frickin’ sheaf of forms every year, year after year? In this age of High Technology, wouldn’t it make more sense to print out the data and ask the patient to note any changes, if any? It would be far less of a pain in the ass.

I guess if you’re an Eye Doctor, you really don’t care about the ass, or pains appertaining thereto. That’d be the province of a different kind of medicine man...

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