Monday, August 13, 2007


Ya gotta love Anthony Bourdain, the most popular Degenerate Chef on the airwaves.

Unlike most, if not all, of his fellow stovewhores, Bourdain is not afraid to use colorful language. His Les Halles Cookbook is the first cookbook I ever read that was seasoned liberally with the word “fuck.”

And on his Travel Channel show “No Reservations,” Bourdain does not disappoint. He’s in Chengdu, capital of Sichuan Province, China, sipping tea at a park and having his inner ears reamed out by an itinerant Ear-Reamer. Such people, apparently, not only exist in China; they are able to support themselves.

Happily, the Travel Channel was discreet enough to not show any of the evil and noxious substances that may have been extracted from Bourdain’s ear. But his offhand comment (inadequately covered up by Mr. Bleep) would have made this guy proud:

“Now I know where the term ‘skullfucking’ came from.”

I’m pleased to announce that Eric has invited Mr. Bourdain to our upcoming Southeastern Writers’ Conference, Tea Party, and Ice Cream Social - the infamous annual Blown-Eyed Blodgers’ Blogtoberfest gathering in Helen, Georgia. The drawing card? Well, it ain’t the food, bunky.

But if Mr. Bourdain is brave enough to eat Beijing-style sheep intestines, surely he is man enough to handle a few glasses of Chatham Artillery Punch.

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