Friday, August 24, 2007


Every once in a while, it’s amusing to see what sort of search terms bring Random Visitors to this site.

Based on my last 100 page views, here are the top search terms:
  • de tri berrese
  • deflowering
  • abcedarian poem
  • ihop's crispy cara
  • de tri berrese translation
  • toy western pistols
  • gilgo
  • yom kippur appeals.
  • liquor locker cabinet
  • wedding malibu
  • fernet branca
  • dreams, attacked by tornadoes
  • di tri berrese
  • debonair blogspot
  • deflowering stories
  • debonair
  • frogs in wheelchairs
  • hineni prayer
  • nicknames for vagina
  • hineni
  • phases of a chicken swag
Now, I can understand why people might be looking for these things...and why the search might lead them here. But why in the sweet name of Fuck-All would someone type the phrase “phases of a chicken swag” into a search engine? Am I missing something?

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