Saturday, August 25, 2007


Chocolate Salt
Chocolate-coated sea salt.

Sometimes an offbeat combination of flavors will surprise you.

Several years ago, at one of our annual Men’s Club retreats, someone showed me an unusual way to dress up vanilla ice cream: by adding a shot of Scotch whisky and a liberal dose of freshly-ground black pepper. It sounds insane, but results are what count: It was delicious.

So when I saw a post at peskyapostrophe’ that mentioned chocolate coated fleur de sel, I had to check it out.

The recipe is at Desert Candy, and it’s simplicity itself. The salt intensifies the flavor of the chocolate, along with whatever it’s sprinkled on. A perfect companion for ice cream, and way more sophisticated than those tasteless “jimmies” that look like Bug-Shit.

“Hey, you ice cream decorations that remind me of President (gack) Carter on account of your name, get the fuck offa my ice cream!”

I made a small batch using Lindt 85% bittersweet chocolate and Balinese large-grain sea salt - each grain is a tiny hollow pyramid! - and I’m eager to clap my hands on a pint of vanilla ice cream upon which to sprinkle my creation.

Sure, it’s crazy - but then again, there are plenty of crazy things out there to eat. Eggs, fresh from a chicken’s ass! Oysters, loogies that live in rocks!

I’ll let you know how it tastes.


Ice Cream with Chocolate-Coated Salt

It’s perversely delicious. Just a few chunks over vanilla ice cream is all you need.

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