Monday, August 06, 2007


It’s always a pleasure to welcome a new inmate to the asylum we all know as the Bloggy-Sphere.

Joan of Argghh! has been a frequent commenter here of late, and I was immensely gratified to hear that she has decided to dip her toe into the Bloggy Waters. Inspired by exactly what, I have no idea. Her new site is called Primordial Slack...not to be confused with the pants Alley Oop used to wear. Primordial Slacks, that would be.

Her first post (untitled) tells of an experience while masquerading as a ghost...for a Ghost Tour, what else? Nice to know that St. Augustine has a Ghostly Element comparable to that of Savannah.

Anyway, go pay Joan a visit and tell her Old Uncle Elisson sent ya.

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