Friday, August 03, 2007


Said Captain Jack to Maturin,
“A quarter-mile to starboard,
I see a vessel under way
No longer safely harbored.
Shall we set sail? Shall we give chase?
Is it a likely prize?”
Said Maturin to Captain Jack,
“O, Cap’n, damn your eyes!
It is no brig, no man o’ war
No French or Spanish boat -
It is the Friday Ark, my friend!
The noblest ship afloat!
Its holds, they are not packed with pelf
Or chests containing treasure,
But rather, full of dogs and cats
That give the Bloggers pleasure!”

The sesquicentennial Friday Ark - that’s Number 150 to you landlubbers - is afloat and under the command of the Modulator.

Sunday evening, be sure to cruise by Life from a Cat’s Perspective to catch the 176th installment of Carnival of the Cats.

Update: Sunday morning...and CotC #176 is already up!

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