Sunday, April 05, 2009


Someone - I cannot remember who - once characterized this site as a “Kitchen Sink Blog,” meaning that I write posts that cover a broad range of topics. Everything but the kitchen sink, as the saying goes.

I guess that’s a fair enough description.

There’s no real unifying theme here. I’m certainly no political blogger. I put up a lot of posts about Food and Cats, but neither subject makes any claim to exclusivity. I write about religion, but often with tongue lodged firmly in cheek. Pop culture? Sure. Fashion? Naw. I leave that to Manolo’s Shoe Blog... except for items like Jackass Pants and my collection of chapeaux, some of which are made of perforated metal.

Everything but the kitchen sink.

And now, I’m gonna rectify that omission. Here’s the Kitchen Sink d’Elisson:

Kitchen Sink

We had this bad boy installed as part of the Great Kitchen Granitification a couple of summers ago. It’s a Jacuzzi porcelain-on-cast iron undermount in jet black, a color chosen because it matches up with Darth Stover.

Snazzy... and heavy. We wanted the solidity of cast iron, but with that solidity comes a whole lotta avoirdupois. The damned thing weighs at least two hundred pounds, enough to make the installer exclaim, “Damn! That’s the time I will ever install a cast iron sink!” Fucking wimp.

I like our sink. It gives me that sinking feeling... but in a good way.

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