Wednesday, April 01, 2009


From Pete at A Perfectly Cromulent Blog comes this illustration of Encroaching Sexuality in Advertising.

Look, sex has been used to sell things since the days when an enterprising Neanderthal wheelwright would hew a lumpy toroid out of the local basalt, then pose a woman (wearing a fur loincloth two sizes too small) upon it in order to enhance its commercial appeal. And even today, attractive women are to beer and car ads as bears are to bunwad commercials: indispensable.

But this is the first time - as far as I know - that an advertising agency has decided to create a campaign that makes use of the dildo-like shape of a submarine sandwich to get its point across.

“Put it in me, Scott.” Now, there’s a Line to Remember... especially as spoken by a Hot Box with a sultry (and disturbingly male) voice.

But now I’m not so sure I ever want to eat a Quizno’s sandwich again. Who knows where it’s been?

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