Tuesday, May 17, 2005


...you die by the meme.

It’s only fair that I got nailed with Karyn’s Fridge Tag. Despite the fact that I normally don’t truck overmuch with memes, I confess to being the responsible party behind the distasteful Punchbowl Meme. And since Karyn was kind enough to play my stupid game, I suppose I should just suck it up and deal with this:

Take a picture of the contents of your refrigerator (as it is right now) and post it. If you’re digitally challenged - or if the spirit so moves you - then you can describe the contents of your fridge in poetry form (or a combination of pic and poem for you high achievers). Then pass the baton to three other bloggers.

OK, then.

The kitchen fridge is loaded with crap,
In order that we may eat.
The left side is the freezer part:
That’s where we keep the meat.

The frozen veggies also lurk,
The ice-cold vodka too,
And all of the ingredients
For a Tasty Fungus Stew.

The right side has a thermostat
That acts a little wonky.
And that is why our orange juice
Might be a little “chonky.”

There’s beer and wine stuffed in the door
There’s ketchup and there’s capers.
Mysterious green shit lurks in back...
Do we need rolling papers?

We don’t stock everything in here.
You’ll search in vain for shrimp or ham in
The fridge d’Elisson. The
Bottom drawer? Some nice smoked salmon.

The overflow goes to the Basement Fridge.
There ain’t much in there: just a smidge.
Assorted types of wine in bottles,
And SWMBO’s pickled axolotls.

Yes, there is a lotta crap in there for two empty-nesters. You should have seen it a few weeks ago, before She Who Must Be Obeyed cleaned out both refrigerators in preparation for Passover. Jeeminently, but you can accumulate a lot of Seriously Old Food if you don’t wade in there and throw out the Extra Shit once in a while.

Anyway, that’s our Below Room Temperature Food Inventory. Now, to complete my Memely Obligations, I will pass the baton to Karen (Verbatim), who sucked me into Bloggy World with her Ultimate Roast Duck recipe; Jen (the estimable Bakerina), whose own fridge is probably stuffed with Scottish Goodies; and Ted over at Rocket Jones. Ted is the one who introduced me to the Carnival of the Recipes...I’m not sure if I’m repaying the favor properly, but...it is what it is. Go get ’em!

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