Friday, May 20, 2005


Huzzah! The Mistress of Sarcasm has favored us with her August Presence this weekend.

She made the four-hour drive up from Savannah to catch a concert and to spend a little time with the ’Rents. We’ll see her again next weekend, when it is Graduation Time, but things will be much more hectic then. Right now, at least, we don’t have to share her with two sets of grandparents, assorted aunts and uncles, and family friends...not to mention Elder Daughter.

The Mistress has had a busy quarter, what with her final series of courses and a whole wad of studio time. She has been working on production techniques and economics, and in the process has generated a whole mess of Interesting and Beautiful Stuff. Here’s a sampling:

Ya like this Fine Jewelry? Send me an e-mail and we can work something out.

Why, Elisson! You whore, you!

Hey, if I can’t pimp my daughter’s crap on my blog, then what good is it? (Aside from satisfying my need to Distribute Mass Quantities of My Bullshit to an Unsuspecting World, that is.) I gotta pay those tuition loans off somehow...

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