Monday, September 20, 2004


Turn the clock back about four years. She Who Must Be Obeyed and I are making the annual summer pilgrimage to Destin, Florida. As is our custom, we are caravaning with our friends Gary and JoAnn. As is also our custom, we will all stop and have breakfast at the first Waffle House we hit after crossing the Alabama state line. Since that’s also the boundary between the Eastern and Central time zones, I will then have a chance to make my usual stupid comment: “A minute ago it was an hour from now!”

It takes the usual hour (thereabouts) to reach the Alabama border. The exit for Opelika looms, and the familar sign is visible from the freeway. But before pulling into the Waffle House, we stop to gas up.

It’s a classic country filling station like you might have seen thirty years ago, except for one startling modern addition: a prominent display of condoms right in front of the cash register. Geez, is there something about Opelika that I don’t know?

Of course, I can’t resist asking the clerk about the merchandise.

“Do any of these come with ribs?”

And his answer was...

(wait for it...)

“Nope - but we got ’em with Brunswick Stew.”

True story. Well, mostly.

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Busy Mom said...

Headed to Destin in January (if it's still there), will check out said display and report back.