Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Eric’s cats, stay offa that pool table
Eric’s cats, kill varmints, then say “Mew”
Eric’s cats, been playin’ since they’s kittehs
Eric’s cats, he’s got him three or two

Actually, Eric has three cats these days, although I only saw two of ’em this past weekend. Ginger, it seems, shares a Reclusive Personality with our own Hakuna.

Bob and Fred, however, were companionable enough...and both of ’em even came out to bid me farewell as I got in the Elissonmobile to head home Sunday afternoon. Here they is:


Fred looks comfortable as he stretches out.


Bob is so dark, he sucks up all the surrounding light. I like the chiaroscuro pattern he makes on Eric’s driveway in this shot.

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