Friday, December 07, 2007


Cat, dog, roach or canary -
Feathered, scaly, smooth, or hairy,
Whether resident in desert or the dankest swamp,
The Friday Ark is where all the fauna romp.

If you wanna romp with the fauna, head on over to the Modulator, where the 168th Friday Ark sets sail.

Sunday evening, of course, it’s time for Carnival of the Cats, the 194th edition of which will be hosted by BadKittyCats.Com. And if you’re interested in becoming the Grand Panjandrum of the oldest Kitty Carnival on the Interweb, stop over Laurence Simon’s place and drop him a line...I hear he’s looking for someone to grab the reins from him. Serious enquiries only.

Update: CotC # 194 is up, an excellent effort that was worth waiting a few extra hours for.

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