Friday, December 14, 2007


The Friday Ark’s a regular tradition,
Setting sail each week with animals and such.
We’re honored once again with Pole Position,
For which I thank the Modulator much.

Yes, the Friday Ark sets forth on its 169th weekly voyage this morning with Eric’s cats (figuratively) leaning over the bow, saying, “We’re Kings of the World!”

Sunday evening, be sure to check out Carnival of the Cats, the 195th installment of which will be hosted by venerable catblogger Mog over at Mind of Mog.

Speaking of Carnivals, let me not forget to mention that Haveil Havalim #144 is up at Random Thoughts. It’s the Chanukah-themed “Too Many Latkes” edition of this fine collection of posts from the Jewish Bloggy-Sphere.

Now, go - you have links to click!

Update: CotC #195 is up...with Bob and Fred the leadoff batters!

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