Friday, December 28, 2007


Paper Affair
Matata nestles on a paper sack.

Matata, the Meatloaf All Covered in Hair,
Is perched upon a sack from Paper Affair.
The feeling of Paper doth comfort her bottom.
Mad Relaxin’ Skillz? Matata’s gottum.

Friday Ark #171 is afloat, its voyage ably commanded by Steve, the Modulator.

This Sunday, Laurence Simon himself takes the reins at Carnival of the Cats for Installment 197, the final CotC of 2007. You won’t want to miss it.

Update: CotC #197 is up over at Lair’s lair. I guess he really is ready to hand the Carnival reins over to new management, as evidenced by the fact that his count is off by one. Heh.

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