Monday, March 05, 2007


“Every time a friend succeeds, I die a little.” - Gore Vidal

“Every time a fellow blogger succeeds, I think, ‘Why the fuck can’t I do that?’” - Elisson

It looks like Steve H.’s new book, The Good, The Spam, and the Ugly, is out.

Steve H., for those of you who don’t read his Hog On Ice site, is the Nom de Plume Blog of Steve H. Graham, aficionado of fine cooking and dead midgets. He’s also the twisted genius behind Rollercoaster of Hate, a site that devotes an inordinate amount of space detailing Christopher Walken’s demented adventures.

And he writes books. And gets ’em published. By real publishing houses.

The Good, the Spam, and the Ugly is the running saga of Steve’s ongoing communications with Nigerian spammers, in which he gives back at least as good as he gets. It cracked the Top 100 at Amazon a few days ago, which is more than I will be able to say when I finally come out with my own collection of 100 100-Word Stories in a month or so.

I can’t wait until my copy arrives. If it’s remotely as funny as the Hog On Ice podcast, I’ll probably be spending a few days next week pissing in my pants while laughing hysterically.

Go getcha a copy for yourself: You’ll thank me later. Hell, while you’re at it, whyn’tcha pick up a copy of Steve’s other book? Any cookbook that calls itself Eat What You Want and Die Like A Man: The World’s Unhealthiest Cookbook has gotta be good, am I right?

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