Friday, March 09, 2007


Whether it’s light or whether it’s dark
I like to visit the Friday Ark.
You might see a kitty - or a whale shark.
Perhaps a fluffy bunny or a mudlark.
Keeskennis might send photos of an aardvark!
The Modulator is always on the mark,
That’s why I like to visit the Friday Ark.

And you can visit the Friday Ark, too. The 129th voyage of this most venerable Animal Assemblage has set sail at the Modulator’s Bay o’ Beasties.

This Sunday evening, get ready for Carnival of the Cats #155, which - for the first time ever - will visit the Carnival of the Cats Home Page. Remarkabobble!

Update: Carnival of the Cats #155 is up, done in Laurence Simon’s inimitable style.

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