Thursday, March 29, 2007


When Kevin Kim, the BigHominid of the eponymous BigHominid’s Hairy Chasms, adds you to his blogroll, he does not screw around.

Not content with a little line of text on the sidebar (like 99.9% of us) or even a little bitty image file (like El Capitan), Kevin creates mini-masterpieces of GIF art for each one of his blogroll links. I am impressed.

I mention this bit of Linky Bidnis because there’s a bizarre sort of Karmic Connection ’twixt us.

First of all, Kevin has an exquisitely coprophilic sense of humor...and as evidenced by my last post, that means we speak the same language, more or less.

Second, Kevin is a Koreablogger. Now, I don’t have a whole lot of Cultural Commonality with most Korea bloggers, except for my enjoyment of kimchi, garlic, and bulgogi, my affection for the music of Skankin’ Pickle, and my having visited Seoul 17 years ago. But it was a blog written by an expat in Korea - Incestuous Amplification, long since defunct - that awakened my interest in blogging. Long before I put cursor to screen, I explored this guy’s blogroll. It was only a matter of time before I happened upon Kevin’s site...which, at the time, was of interest to me mainly because he had a link to another blog - What Not To Do in Korea - that featured a thoroughly hysterical soup recipe. That was my introduction to Rory, who is now back in Australia telling us what not to do there. So in a sense, landing on the BigHominid’s ’roll is a little like returning to my Bloggy Roots.

Go pay Kevin a visit. He’s a twisted bastard...and he’s got a new book out, to boot! It’s entitled Water from a Skull, and you can find it at Cafepress simply by making clicky on the piccie below.

[What the hell. Maybe he’ll plug my 100 100-Word Stories book when it comes out...]

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