Saturday, March 17, 2007


The easy ability to find specific images on the Internet, thanks to powerful search engines like Google, sometimes has comic results.

You may remember, from a few years back, the photograph of Bangladeshi Islamicists admiring an Osama bin Laden poster collage...evidently made with photographs lifted from the Internet. How did we know that they came from the Internet? Because one of them had Sesame Street’s Bert in it. The guy making the poster pulled a Photoshop from the “Bert Is Evil” parody site. Hilarity ensued. Except maybe for Poster Boy, who was probably beheaded for the screw-up...

Osama ’n’ Bert
See if you can find Bert.

We use Google Image Search at our own risk.

The latest casualty? A news show in Augusta, Georgia, doing a segment on the new, “healthier” Krispy Kreme whole wheat doughnuts. Memo to the intern who, no doubt, did a quick Google search to find a graphic: Be sure you actually look at the graphic before you use it...

Here’s a still photo, in case you didn’t see it clearly in the video:

Krispy Kreme
Just how good are Krispy Kreme doughnuts?

When I first saw this in an e-mail from bro-in-law Morris William, I thought it might’ve been Photoshopped...but then I found the video [tip o’ th’ Elisson fedora to t.a.m.s.y. at The Answer May Surprise You]. Good Gawd.

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