Friday, March 09, 2007


This promises to be a most interesting and unusual Friday. Let’s break it down:

0645 Depart house for morning Minyan.
0700 Morning Minyan starts.
0735 Morning Minyan ends.
0745 Still trying to get out of Shul parking lot past crowd of parents dropping their kids off at the local elementary school.
0755 Arrive at Local Bagel and Smoked Fish Emporium.
0820 Depart for Sandy Springs.
0845 Arrive at Radio Sandy Springs studios.
0900 Radio Sandy Springs Health Hour, featuring Elisson.
1000 Elisson run out of Sandy Springs on rail.
1030 Elisson arrives home.
1130 Eric arrives at Chez Elisson.
1230 SWMBO arrives home after morning inservice.
1245 Depart for Savannah.
1600 Arrive Savannah, home of the Mistress of Sarcasm. Connect up with Velociman, Zonker, Denny, Catfish, and That 1 Guy. Begin preparations for visit to Claxton Rattlesnake Roundup. Stock up on batteries, whiskey, and horse-serum rattlesnake antivenom.

Speaking of Interesting and Unusual, why don’t we see what the iPod d’Elisson has on tap for us this morning by way of a Random Assemblage of Choons? Here they is:
  1. I Me Mine - The Beatles
  2. Farewell and Finale - Bernard Herrmann, The Day The Earth Stood Still

    Part of one of the great film scores of all time, by what I believe to be the finest writer of film scores. Bernard Herrmann’s filmic resumé reads like a Hollywood “Best Of...” list; his music is haunting and powerful in almost every case. Think of the extra dimension he has added to such films as: Vertigo, Psycho, Obsession, Taxi Driver, Citizen Kane, North by Northwest, Journey to the Center of the Earth. He also composed the original theme for The Twilight Zone...the spooky one they used in the first season (1959-60) before replacing it with the more familiar “doo doo doo doo” one by Marius Constant.

  3. Hummer - Smashing Pumpkins
  4. Shade - Silverchair
  5. Rift - Phish
  6. Trapped In The Future - Russell Garcia, The Time Machine (1960)
  7. Reach Out (I’ll Be There) - The Four Tops
  8. Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey - The Beatles

    I always wanted to hear this song covered by Andy Williams...for the sheer perversity of it.

  9. Sweet Virginia - The Rolling Stones

    You’ve got to shake scrape the shit right off your shoes.

  10. Mean Ol’ World - Professor Longhair
It’s Friday. What are you listening to?

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