Thursday, March 15, 2007


Or, what Elisson will be doing tomorrow morning.

Once again, I will be filling in for my pharmacist friend Richard, who is currently enjoying a relaxing Italian Holiday. Little does he know that, in his absence, I am defiling his Radio Sandy Springs Health Hour slot.

Well, he knows I am filling in for him. What he does not know is the sheer level of depravity to which I am prepared to subject his listeners.

Once again, I will be offering bogus Medical Advice to callers. I will have the Merck Manual available, the better to goggle over the fifty-cent words therein. I will have my assortment of 100-word stories, culled from my files and cleansed of Foul Invective. I will have full details on several of Dr. Israel Patel’s fine products: Dr. Patel’s Lingam Lotion (for enhanced turgidity!), Dr Patel’s Snakebite Curative (never a dissatisfied customer!), and Dr. Patel’s Bulletproofing Ointment (never a dissatisfied customer!)

And I will give a full report on the Claxton Rattlesnake Roundup. The parts of interest to a general radio audience, that is. FCC regulations prohibit my getting too specific as to the behavior of certain, ahhh...Online Web-Journalists once outside the environs of Claxton. Something about Public Decency, or the lack thereof...

You can pretty much forget about picking up the show on the radio (1620 AM) unless you are actually in Sandy Springs. But you can catch the show streaming over the Inter-Webby-Net at Go to the Radio Sandy Springs site to get the call-in number, and you can light up those lines!

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