Saturday, June 03, 2006


She Who Must Be Obeyed cannot pass up the opportunity to purchase Cat Toys.

This past week, we were returning from a visit to the Jaw Surgeon in midtown Atlanta when a little light bulb suddenly appeared above SWMBO’s head in a glowing figurative nimbus.

“Why don’t we have lunch at IKEA?”

Why not, indeed. The Big Blue Box was more-or-less on the way home. Not only that, but them Swedes really know their way around a meatball...and they have that Potato-Boiling thing down cold. So I figured What the Hell. And so, within minutes, we were in the Building of Ten Thousand Bizarre Words. Haknär! Frisby! Eckstrom! Blabärsøppen! Asshöl! Studmøfn!

Veteran IKEA-goers know what I’m talking about.

Lunch was fine. SWMBO had a poached salmon plate, while I supped upon some fime gravlax. And between the two of us, we managed to kill a platter of Tiny-Ass Meatballs.

The trouble started as we worked our way toward the store exit. For IKEA is constructed in Post-Modernist Rat-Maze fashion, and it is impossible to make a staright-line dash for the exit. This, of course, is deliberate.

SWMBO saw a Cat-Tent, and of course, she had to own it. There was no use protesting.

Let’s see what Matata thought of the New Enclosure, shall we?

Tata Tent 1
Is this for me? Aww. you shouldn’t have.

Tata Tent 2
Wonder what’s inside?

Tata Tent 3
Why, I am!

Tata Tent 4
Say, this is pretty plush, Bub!

Tata Tent 5
I think I’ll keep it!

Only problem is, SWMBO wants to get one for Hakuna, too. If she does, Matata will, of course, take it over, being the Queen Bee type. So there’s really no point.

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