Friday, June 16, 2006


It’s Friday, and Elisson is still in Saint John, New Brunswick. One more day at the local outpost of the Great Corporate Salt Mine, and it is Back Home to the sunny, southerly climes of Georgia...and the waiting arms of She Who Must Be Obeyed.

I will spend the evening soaking up a little Local Culture with the Lemons and Lollipops Guild. Lisa and G have arranged a Night at the Opera Phoenix Dinner Theatre, and I’m looking forward to spending a few hours with New Brunswick’s premier Bloggy Family.

[Well, technically speaking, Lisa is the blogger, but she has managed to dragoon G into Bloggity Service from time to time. I keep telling the boy he needs to have his own site...maybe with enough prodding from me and the Peanut Gallery, the advice might take.]

But right now it’s Friday morning, and a full day of Corporate Enslavement Productive Work looms ahead. To get in the mood, there is but one thing to be done, and that is to fire up the little white Choon Box d’Elisson, that it may puke out its Musical Miscellany:
  1. Indus - Dead Can Dance
  2. Kathleen’s Theme - Les McCann & Eddie Harris
  3. Peaches en Regalia - Phish
  4. The World Has Turned And Left Me Here - Weezer
  5. No Place Like London - Stephen Sondheim - Sweeney Todd, Original Broadway Cast
  6. Two-Part Invention in B-Flat Major - Wendy Carlos
  7. Windows - Chick Corea
  8. Devorzhum - Dead Can Dance
  9. Whisky Train - Procol Harum
  10. Anna (Go To Him) - The Beatles
It’s Friday. What are you listening to?

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