Friday, June 16, 2006


I just got back from a pleasant evening in the company of Lisa and G, soaking up the Fine Cultural Offerings of Saint John, New Brunswick. And soaking up a few beers, as well.

Tomorrow morning, I will climb upon the Silver Aerial Bus that will transport me back to the sweaty climes of home. After a near two-week sojourn here, I am more than ready. I miss my Missus sorely.

I knew the time for my departure was approaching simply by looking at my SMTWTFS. You don’t know what a SMTWTFS is? It’s one of those little plastic doomaflitchies that holds your pills. It has a separate box for each day of the week, and each is labeled with the initial of the day: thus, SMTWTFS. When I began this trip, I had a double supply of pills for each day; now, the thing is empty, all save that last box, the box for Saturday.

Today, as if the Weather Gods were thumbing their collective noses at me, the sky was a clear blue, unmarred by the clouds that seemingly had taken up permanent residence above this end of New Brunswick. It was not the first glimpse of the sun I’ve had here, but it was by far the most beautiful day. Temperature in the mid-60’s (Fahrenheit), with a light breeeze, enough to stir the hair and roil the blood. Alas: it is time to go, just when things are getting good, weather-wise.

I have enjoyed my stay in the Maritimes. It likely will not be my last. Thus, I do not say “Goodbye,” but “Au Reservoir.”

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