Friday, June 23, 2006


Here it is Friday again. Hard to believe that last week at this time I was in the temperate Maritime Province of New Brunswick, whereas now I am back home in the Sweatbox That Is Summertime In Atlanta.

Just to remind me of my stay in Saint John, I have a pot of Tim Hortons coffee brewing downstairs as I write this. I also have a sack of dulse stinking up perfuming the pantry. Real Maritimer stuff, that. The airport security folks in Moncton were amused to find a pouch of it in my carry-on bag last week as I began my journey home.

It’s time once again for that remarkably self-indulgent exercise, the one in which I post ten cuts spewed forth at random from the iPod d’Elisson. I’m sure 99.9% of my Esteemed Readers don’t really give a crap what I’m listening to, but I post this stuff anyway. It’s a little window into my strange mind, and it takes the place of Serious Writing...none of which is to be found here anyway.

The list? Here ’tis:
  1. Party At Ground Zero - Fishbone

    Party at ground zero
    A “B” movie starring you
    And the world will turn to flowing
    Pink vapor stew

    Johnny, go get your gun, for the commies are in our hemisphere today
    Ivan, go fly your MIG, for the Yankee imperialists have come to play
    Johnny goes to Sally’s house to kiss her goodbye
    But Daddy says to spend the night
    They make love ’til the early morning light
    For tomorrow Johnny goes to fight
    Johnny, Ivan, Ian, everybody come along for our nations need new heroes
    Time to sing a new war song


    Please do not fear ’cause Fishbone is here to say (say what?)
    Just have a good time the stop sign is far away
    The toilet has flushed and green lights are a ghost
    And drop drills will be extinct
    Speedracer cloud has come
    They know not what they’ve done
    Sin has just won
    The planet is a crumb

  2. Farewell To Lorien - Patrice Deceuninck
  3. Purpose - Avenue Q - Original Broadway Cast
  4. The Lady Is A Tramp - Skanatra
  5. Mr. Cellophane - Chicago, The Musical - New Broadway Cast
  6. Not While I’m Around - Stephen Sondheim, Sweeney Todd - Original Broadway Cast
  7. Kuvernöörin tytär - Tuomari Nurmio & Alamaailman Vasarat
  8. Satumaa (Finnish Tango) - Frank Zappa
  9. Sexism - Bobby Slayton
  10. A Night In Tunisia - Dizzy Gillespie
Interesting. Lotta showtunes, just by the luck of the draw. And how ’bout the juxtaposition of Kuvernöörin tytär (performed by a real bunch of whacked-out Finns) with Satumaa (a Finnish tango performed by Frank Zappa)? Weird.

It’s Friday. What are you listening to?

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