Sunday, December 11, 2005


Yesterday, She Who Must Be Obeyed gets it in her head to go to Garden Ridge Pottery, the kind of place that is right up there with the Build-a-Bear Workshop on the List of Places I Would Rather Drive Tenpenny Nails Into My Eyeballs Than Go To.

Miraculously, I dodged that bullet. We hooked up with our friends Laura Belle and Don, grabbed a quick bite, and the wimmin went off to Garden Ridge whilst Don and I rented a DVD.

[Fantastic Four, in case you cared. There’s no better time to watch a Comic Book Movie than when the wimmin are not around to be bored and/or annoyed.]

But I gotta hand it to the Missus. While Don and I were loafing around and checking out Jessica Alba’s kalamatunis, she scored a couple of king-size pillows for a humungous bed we had just stuffed into the Mistress’s room - not that the Mistress is ever around to use it much - and ended up paying $1.19 per pillow. Bargains “R” Us here at Chez Elisson.

I offhandedly made a snide comment about the Cheap-O Pillows...something to the effect of, “I guess I don’t wanna know what these pillows are stuffed with, do I?”

Whereupon SWMBO shot back, “Has anybody seen Jimmy Hoffa lately?”

Just Damn! She’s even more perverse than me. Does anybody wonder why I love her?

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