Thursday, December 01, 2005


At breakfast today, my Morning Minyan compadre Barry R. told me a story of a colleague of his that is, in his words, “dumber than soap.”

To illustrate: one day, while looking at the moon (it was one of those days when the moon is clearly visible in the daytime sky), this colleague - in perfect seriousness - asked the question, “Do you think the moon is farther away than Warner Robins?”

For those of my Esteemed Readers who are unfamiliar with Georgia Geography, Warner Robins is roughly 125 miles SSE of Atlanta. For those of my Esteemed Readers who are unfamiliar with the Solar System, the Moon is roughly 239,000 miles from the Earth.

But wait - there’s more.

In an attempt to convince her friends that perhaps she has more brains than a truckload of hammers, the colleague crammed for a Trivial Pursuit game by memorizing as many of the answer cards as she could. When it came time to play, she was ready.

She landed on a space that required her to answer a Sports Trivia question.

The question was, “Who was the catcher for the New York Yankees when Don Larsen pitched his perfect game in the World Series on October 8, 1956?”

And, thanks to hours of diligent preparation, the young lady knew the answer:

“Yo-JEE Ber-RAH.”

Truckload of hammers, I’m tellin’ ya.

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