Sunday, November 28, 2004


The Mistress of Sarcasm is heading into her final months as a Metals and Jewelry major at the Savannah College of Art and Design (otherwise known as The Place Where I Send Honkin’ Big Checks Several Times a Year).

I don’t mind writing those Honkin’ Big Checks because the Mistress is making good use of her time there. She has (kinahora) made the Dean’s List almost every single quarter since transferring there in the fall of 2002. And she makes such interesting stuff in her studio.

The locket in the picture below is one of her own creations. A sturdy oak tree, rendered in sterling silver, with a long branch that wraps around the neck and a little door in the trunk that lifts open to reveal a jewel. Around the jewel is a tiny scroll with an appropriate message. And the piece has a theme, a concept around which it was designed: the idea that friends grow like branches from the trunk of a single tree. While friends may grow apart as they mature, as the branches of a tree grow apart from one another, they still remain connected – and they still share roots. It’s a powerful message, not only for friends, but for family.

The Mistress shows off some of her handiwork.

This unique locket became a wedding present to one of the Mistress’s close friends who tied the knot last year. My two cents: One, I’m very glad we took pictures. Two, that marriage had damn well better last.

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