Saturday, November 27, 2004


Kids grow up fast, so it seems.

Maybe it doesn’t seem – not when you’re juggling an armload of laundry, warming up strained peas, trying to nurse a sharp-toothed nine-month-old while keeping the spit towel adjusted just so. Schlepping the kids to soccer games, going to school open houses and PTSA meetings, those “impromptu” doctor’s visits…there are times when you think your kids will never grow up fast enough. But I’m here to tell you, it goes by in a mighty big hurry.

Back in the fall of 1981, when Elder Daughter was Only Daughter and we had just moved to Atlanta the first time, she was a mere two years old, an age when she could dance with her shadow in the street, or fit in a laundry basket for a ride down the stairs.

Elder Only Daughter - 1981. Posted by Hello

Twenty years later, she is a college graduate, getting ready to move overseas. On her own, independent, ready to conquer the world.

But in the picture below, she’s back in the exact same spot where she stood twenty years before, near our old house in the Atlanta ’burbs.

And she still can dance with her shadow.

Elder Daughter - 20 years later. Posted by Hello

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