Saturday, November 06, 2004


Blogger finally decided to cooperate and let me post my week’s worth of catpix. I’m so happy, I’ve decided to slap up not one, but three pictures this week. No need to thank me…just throw kibble.

First up is Matata, in a picture I like to call “Bush get re-elected? Hah! Why, that’ll happen when cats fly out of my butt!”

Hey, honey - have you seen Matata anywhere? Posted by Hello

Alternate caption: “Hey, I can’t seem to find any gerbils in there…”

Next we have Hakuna, who lurks quietly beneath one of the chairs in the sunroom. Perhaps she is trying to decide which part of the carpet to gnaw on today...

Hakuna lurks below... Posted by Hello

Back to Matata, who is apparently all tuckered out from her ass-climbing activities. Ahhh, sweet nepenthe!

Matata - napping again, as usual Posted by Hello

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