Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Proof positive that the Internet is a mighty strange place. Any lump of crap you lob out there is likely to get blown back in your face, sometimes in strangely mutated form.

Exhibit One: From Global News comes this little gem:
Formaggi Ispirati a Personaggi di Guerre Stellari
From: rosacrux@mail.com (keroppi) <-rispondi via e-mail
Newsgroups: it.hobby.umorismo,it.discussioni.folli

Queso-Gon Jinn

Jar Jar Brie

Darth Gouda

Bib Fontina

Asiaghin Skywalker

Robi-Olan Kenobi

Lando Camembrissian

Principessa Leiardammer

Grand Moff Tilsit

Jabba de'Hutvarti

Boba Feta

Holy crap - my own McSweeney’s list, come back to haunt me via Italy. I’ve italicized the items that were not on my original list of Cheeses Inspired by Star Wars Characters. Some of the others, of course, have been translated. Principessa! [Rosacrux was, incidentally, kind enough to give proper attribution.]

Exhibit Two: There is no Exhibit Two. How much of this crap do you really want to look at?

Wait’ll Laura Belle (Di Tri Berrese) gets a load of this...

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