Monday, November 22, 2004


I normally don’t have much truck with blogmemes, but this one is not too complicated, and it gives me a chance to answer some of the burning questions that you, Dear Reader, may have about me and Blog D’Elisson. Credit Where Credit Is Due: I snarfed this off of the ASB, who in turn ripped it off of The Muttering Muse.

How long have you had a blog?
I started this thing - my one and only blog effort - back in March 2002 and did not write Word One until July of this year. I guess I didn’t know what a blog was when I created my Blogger account, and the idea of Writing Shit Down Every Day was quite alien to me at the time. But since then, I’ve knocked out over 140 posts - over 54,000 words, a novel’s worth. Who knew?

Why did you become interested in blogging? What do you like about it?
Two things piqued my interest in blogging. The first was when I found some blogs through various Google searches (more about this here) and realized what this whole bloggy thing was all about. The second was the amazing degreee of interconnectedness I saw when I began making my first tentative forays around the Bloggysphere. That’s what really drives me: that sense of being connected.

What do you write about more: yourself or _insert subject here_ ?
I write about...whatever I feel like writing about at the moment. One day it might be political stuff, the next day about what I had for dinner (assuming I can remember what the hell it was). It may be family stuff, religion, random crap, comic strips, movies, music. It will generally not be deeply personal stuff - I don’t share everything that goes on in my twisted little mind - but you never know. She Who Must Be Obeyed is still horrified that I posted the story about our Weevil Chili.

If your blog has categories, which one do you post in most often?
My blog does not have categories, since I’m a cheapskate who uses Blogger. If I had categories, well, see my answer to the previous question.

What are 5 of your favorite blogs?
This one’s a toughie. I like pretty much everything on Blogroll D’Elisson, and I am planning (sometime soon) to write a lengthy exposition on what I like about every single one. But right off the bat, I'll tell you that I love Pesky’Apostrophe, Dooce, World O’Crap, Prepare To Meet Your Bakerina, and Where The Hell Was I? Don’t get your panties in a wad if you’re not one of the Chosen Five: there are at least ten more blogs that I have to get a daily dose of. Stinkin’ blogmeme...

Do you use an online alias on your blog?
Yes, I do, although it ain’t difficult to penetrate my thin disguise. Especially now that I’ve begun contributing to Virtual Occoquan. I call myself Steve Elisson in honor of my Dad. His name’s Eli, ergo: Eli’s Son.

Blog entry that has received the most comments:
Before...and After.” This was the post that I wrote for my first-time ever entry in the monthly Blogging for Books contest (hosted by The Zero Boss, another of my favorite blogs). It’s the only time something I wrote got more comments than the stupid cat pictures I post every week. Damn cats.

Tell us how you chose your blog title:
Well, you already know how I chose my alias. The blog title just seemed to work. In retrospect, I could have called it “AAAAAA Acme Blog by Steve” and it would have floated to the top of all them alphabetized blogrolls. Is it too late to change?

How do you feel about Google ads on personal blogs?
I don’t give a rat’s ass about how people choose to whore themselves out. If your site looks cluttered with ugly ads, it won’t stop me from reading it if the content’s good. I’ll just think your taste is all in your sigmoid colon.

The only ads I hatehatehate are the damned pop-ups that Blogger uses. Not an issue at home, but when I’m in the office (only during lunch!), it’s majorly annoying. Oh, but wait...I’m on Blogger. Shit.

Does anyone you know in *real life* know about your blog?
Several family members and a few friends know about (and even read) my blog. And they’re all wonderful people. All of them. All the time. Really.

2 words you use all the time in your posts:
You mean aside from “a” and ”the”? Or the dreaded F-bomb? Well, “crap” and “bloggity” come to mind, but there are plenty others.

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