Tuesday, November 23, 2004


comes this 1977 photograph of She Who Must Be Obeyed in a romantic mood.

She Who Must Be Obeyed. Posted by Hello

And well she should be - because she is on her honeymoon with Yours Truly, enjoying the semi-exotic, quasi-European atmosphere of Québec. A few days in Montréal, a few days in Québec City (at the famous Château Front-’n’-Back) and it will be off to New York for our second wedding reception – this given by the ’Rents d’Elisson to accommodate those who were unable to voyage to Texas for the actual nuptials.

But that is several days off. Now, with carefree hearts, we sample the maple-syrup laden cuisine of the Deep North. Hambourgeois (Bifteck Hâché) avec les Petits Pois et Weird Brown Gravy! Iced tea with a solitary sliver of ice spinning slowly, slowly, on the surface of the lukewarm fluid in the glass.

And we sample the warm hospitality of a land deep in the throes of French Separatism. Cochon anglophone! We hear that a lot…I think it means “Have a Nice Day” or something. O Canada!

It’s twenty-seven years later, and I still see those rose petal lips when I wake up in the morning. I am a lucky bastard indeed.

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