Tuesday, October 20, 2009


We love Chez Elisson, we really do - but one thing the people who built this house skimped on was Closet Space.

We were spoiled in Houston, with a good-sized pantry and a nice walk-in closet in the master bedroom, one that was big enough to accommodate the storage needs of both me and the Missus. But since moving here eleven years ago, we’ve had to deal with smaller-than-optimum closetry and crappy cabinets.

It’s almost as if the people who built this house (we’re the second owners) wanted as much unreachable dead space as possible. Bozos.

Actually, it’s not so much the size of the storage spaces that’s annoying. There’s enough square footage, really. It’s just oddly shaped, in the case of my bedroom closet... and in all cases, the racks and bars are that nasty plastic-coated metal grating. It looks like shit, and it makes pantry storage a major pain in the ass: Narrow boxes will not stand up straight.

Well, that’s over and done with. We replaced that wire crap with real honest-to-Gawd custom-fitted shelving. Now my bedroom closet looks almost civilized, and the pantry no longer resembles a mare’s nest. Now I can actually find all the Weird Food I keep in there!

Yeah, I know this topic might be a little Fluffy-Sounding to some, but trust me: Keeping your shit organized is a true Manly Endeavor. Me, I keep it in hundreds of little piles throughout the house... but now I have more usable space in which to shove alla them piles.

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