Friday, March 27, 2009


It is a rainy Friday here in May-Retta, Georgia.

How rainy is it? you ask. Well, as we used to say in Texas, it’s raining like a cow pissing on a flat rock. Which means, of course, that it is Very Rainy.

But the rain, it does not bother me, because I am indoors. Even more, I am aglow with happy anticipation, for Elder Daughter will fly down from Washington tomorrow morning to join us for the weekend. It will be a treat to have her together with the Mistress of Sarcasm... the second time in a month, too! And even better: Eli (hizzownself) and Toni - the snowbirds - will be here from Florida, and The Other Elisson from New York. They’ll all be here to join us for the Grand Corporate Sendoff.

I guess if you work in the Great Corporate Salt Mine for over three decades, you get to have a nice steak upon which to sprinkle some of that salt, eh?

Meanwhile, what’s on the ol’ Choon-Box? What sort of Random Musical Spewage awaits us on this wet, wet Friday? Lessee:
  1. Only A Northern Song - The Beatles

  2. You’ve Got It In Your Soulness - Les McCann and Eddie Harris

    From the brilliant “Swiss Movement” album, recorded 40 years ago at the Montreux Jazz Festival... and still sparkling fresh.

  3. The Hornburg - Howard Shore, The Two Towers

  4. Heart of Oak - David Rintoul

    Perfectly appropriate: I’m rereading Master and Commander.

  5. Ani Shelach - Neshama Carlebach

  6. Act II - Tagore, Scene 1 - Philip Glass, Satyagraha

  7. Elukka - Alamaailman Vasarat

  8. Scene 6 - The Somnambulist - Philip Glass, Les Enfants Terribles

  9. Wishful Sinful - The Doors

  10. High Hopes - Skanatra

It’s Friday. What are you listening to?

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