Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Sound the trumpet; blow the bugle -
SWMBO’s gone and made a kugel.
Bereft of magic like a Muggle?
There’re charms aplenty in SWMBO’s kugel.

[Actually, “kugel” rhymes with neither “bugle” or “Muggle.” Depending on the regional variation you choose, you can pronounce it koo-g’l (with the oo pronounced as in book), or ki-g’l (to rhyme with “wiggle”).]

Apricot Kugel
SWMBO’s apricot kugel, hot out of the oven.

Those who attended the Hysterics at Eric’s this year had a chance to sample the Missus’s apricot exotic, never-before-experienced Eastern European treat to almost all, with one notable exception.

No, I won’t post the recipe. When She Who Must Be Obeyed received it, she was sworn to secrecy. What I can tell you is that it contains egg noodles, sugar, eggs, apricot preserves, cream cheese, cottage cheese, and sour cream - with dried apricots for decoration. The proportions...and the secret spices? You’ll have to guess.

Perverse as I am, I can’t help but imagine a Bizarro World version of this delicious dish, a version made with prune jam (AKA lekvar) and pitted prunes in lieu of the apricot preserves and dried apricots. SWMBO is both horrified and repulsed by this idea...but what do you think? Does a Prune Kugel sound appetizing? Or would it make you run for the hills? Or toilet?

One thing is for certain. If I ever do make it, the Missus will kick my ass for desecrating her recipe. And I wouldn’t blame her. But it’s a risk I may have to take as I go in search of Pruney, Kugelly Goodness...possibly inventing the ideal brunch dish for the maturing Baby Boom generation.

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