Tuesday, December 02, 2008


...is, as I write this, on her way to South Africa for a two-week Bidnis Trip. She’ll be dividing her time between Johannesburg and Cape Town, and, at the recommendation of her Corporate Salt-Mine Overseers, she’ll be throwing in some vacation time as well.


Elder Daughter lives hundreds of miles away from us, so we are used to her not being under our roof...but there is another layer of Daughter-Missage when we know she is really far away. We will both rest a lot easier once she is back on familiar shores.

In the last eighteen months, she has been to Mexico, Egypt, Morocco, Uganda, and, of course, Japan. Now that she can add South Africa to the list, she is well on her way to out-traveling her Old Man.

Godspeed, Elder Daughter. While you’re there, try to remember that a “bra” is something you wear, and a “braai” is something you eat.

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