Thursday, December 18, 2008


Phase II of the Chez Elisson Floor Renewal Project is underway.

Yesterday, we schlepped furniture, books, and fifty billion miscellaneous tchotchkes out of their accustomed locations, in order to clear the way for the carpet installers. It’s like moving, except without quite as much paperwork or aggravation.

All this...and in three days, we’ll have a house full of people to entertain on the first night of Chanukah. Which means we will have to put everything back. Oy.

But I will say this: Nothing will make your existing carpet look as shabby as the knowledge that a brand-spanking-new replacement is imminent. And this will be Quality Stuff with good padding, not the builder-grade crap we’ve lived with for the past ten years.

I’ve already warned Hakuna, whose excessive affection for the existing broadloom has resulted in a lot of shredded corners and margins. I love her to death, but I’d better not catch her chewing at the carpet edges ever again...or it will be permanent exile to the sunroom.

Meanwhile, our DSL modem and router have been temporarily located. At least we still have a connection!

One of the things I dreaded about this whole thing was the need to dismantle our TV/DVD/surround sound/VCR/CD/turntable/cassette deck/receiver setup.

I did not photograph the massive tangle of wires and cables, but I found a pretty accurate depiction, courtesy of Erica.

Figuring out how to put it back together will require a lot of patience, Scotch, and the kind of engineering knowledge I haven’t bothered to maintain in over 35 years.

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