Tuesday, August 08, 2006


The little white truck rolled slowly through the suburban neighborhood, its arrival heralded by the intermittent jingling of bells.

Excited customers poured from the houses, clutching shiny quarters. They queued up, jostling each other for position. The truck halted; the driver hopped out, looking jaunty in his starched white shirt. The chrome-plated money changer on his belt caught the sun.

Jimmy was first in line. “Gimme a tube of Astro-Glide, please.”

Mary was next. “I’ll take the Warming K-Y.”

The Lubes-On-Wheels driver smiled. Nothing put his customers in a Good Humor quite like the arrival of the Vice Cream Truck.

[This story was inspired by my referral stats. Apparently, a visitor to this site came here by way of a Google search for a 12v ice cream truck freezer. The search term had been mistyped as “12 vice cream truck freezer,” and the error threw off some interesting results. Result One was a link to my Ice Cream Summer post. Result Two was a (fake) news article with the intriguing title, “Study Finds Ice Cream Trucks Leading Cause of Insanity.” But the search term itself fascinated me. What would a Vice Cream Truck sell, anyway?]

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