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Welcome to the 125th Carnival of the Cats!

This week’s Carnival is brought to you by Hakuna and Matata, the Resident Kitties at Chez Elisson.

Hakuna on the Bed Matata in the Bag

Hakuna: Oh, I love it when other kitties come to visit! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go hide. Now!

Matata: I am happy to welcome all of my Kitty Visitors...and their Human Companions. Fresh meat!

And now, on with the cats...

Share some memories of Archie, who left us for the Scratching Post in the Sky two years ago, in this touching post by anniemiz.

Mensabarbie is off on a trip and must leave Butterscotch behind...and Butterscotch does not like it one bit.

Just Between Strangers gives us some pictures of Pixel and Pasha at play. Hey, that’s alliterative!

Fellow East Cobber Myke, of Myke’s Weblog, tells a harrowing tale of his cat Scooter nearly using up one of those fabled nine lives. More harrowing than that is the fact that Myke himself had his own brush with the Unexpected Visitor shortly afterward...

At Mélange, Nicky is King of the Hill. Meanwhile, Tucker and Nyssa are So Happy Together...and who can blame them?

For those who like their cats well-rounded, head on over to Jelly Pizza and check out whaleshaman’s Circular Kitty.

Chameleons do it. U.S. Marines do it. And now Russ’s sister’s cat Lou does it, too. What izzit? Hiding in plain sight...with camouflage, of course!

Let Chris Dolley bowl you over with these photographs of Kitties in Hemispherical Vessels.

Blueberry, at Texas Oasis, tells us about Duncan, a cat so cute that he can be forgiven for the Bad Habit of pissing on the couch. Bloob knows, as did my late Grandma, that all such problems are solved with just two words: Plastic. Slipcovers.

The redoubtable Mister Gato of enrevanche knows how to have fun. Chow Fun, that is. Check out this post about a couple of Unlikely Buddies.

Debra deals with a mystery at Manx Mnews. Suspects abound: Boo, Jinx, Ping, and Gracie are all under the shadow of suspicion. Will Inspector Abby find all the missing socks and identify the perpetrator of this Foul Deed?

Princess Lotus Blossom shares her thoughts on the important Issues of the Day in a series of Video Interviews at Anchored by Grace. Kimberly has managed to tease some intriguing sound bites out of the Princess, who says, “Sure, I know I’m an indoor kitty, and it’s for my own safety while I’m out here...but this cage sucks!

Roll on over to Far Cartouche (“In Far Cartouche did Kukla Fran a Silly Pleasure Blog Decree”) and check out Lady and Houdini, the Kitty Minions of the Robot Vegetable. And at the Vegetable’s other site, Middle-Fork, Lady adopts a Newtonesque role.

Huckleberry needs to lay off the catnip...or turn down the volume, over at Stereophile. Meanwhile, Bagheera tries her hand at being a Modern Art Model.

A wealth of Recumbent Kitties awaits the visitor to Rahel’s site, Elms in the Yard.

At composite drawlings, there is an Implied Concept that cats are good for the blood pressure. True that may be, except for the times Matata wakes me up at 5:30 a.m. playing “Smacky-Face.”

Aloysius, at Catymology, shows us his fluffy and enormous tail. Actually, there seems to be much more tail than Aloysius. Where’s the rest of him?

Da Nator, at Delectatio Morosa, offers up a Cautionary Tale: Don’t Drink & Groom.

At Athenamama, the question of the day isn’t “Where’s Waldo?” It’s “Where are Thalia, Angel, Jacqueline, Salem, and Ebby?” OK, not all of them are cats, but they do make on big happy pile of Animal Love!

Perhaps an appropriate Motto of the Day at Watermark is “My karma just ran over your dogma.” For it is here that you will learn the secrets of Kitty Yoga and Feline Meditation. Remember to concentrate intently while repeating your meowntra!

Say hello to Cosmo, who has timed his sojourn with Maggie Katzen’s parents to coincide with Maggie’s own visit. Coincidence? I think not...

Nothing beats a man and his meezer...over at Crazy Meezer’s place.

Aunty Holly offers some Useful Tips and Tricks for the aspiring Feline Model.

Jumpin' Cats!Babeth van Son lives in a House of Chaos...and at houseofchaos, you can see what happens when Loup-Garou and Bean Sidhe (love those names!) mix it up. Action-packed...and featuring a Guest Appearance by Mr. Rubber Chicken his ownself!

Rondi, who operates the Blog With A Freakin’ Long Name, Begin Each Day As If It Were on Purpose, uses Pushkin to illustrate the simple concept behind Tummy Tuesday.

And while we’re on the topic of Tummy Tuesday, Mog has a great shot of Ritzi in the Belly Shot Attitude. The Mogster also has the answer to the question, what do you do with the last shot on the memory card? You take a Kitty Picture, of course!

At EclectEcon, Mystery investigates the Hot Tub in the act of being refilled. “Why, what is that Strange and Potentially Unpleasant Substance in there?”

Arrrh, ye scurvy scum of the Seven Seas! Here be a picture of a Piratical-Looking Kitty at What Did You Eat? Arrrh, I don’t know what Upsie ate, but I wanted to eat the Black Cod in Tomato-Saffron and Fennel Stew that was posted just below (befArrrh!) the Pirate Kitty pic.

Brian J. Noggle isn’t all about the musings. Sometimes, he reads books...and sometimes, the bookshelf has eyes.

Rico Loco, of the eponymous Web-Log (“The MISAdventures of Rico Loco”), is a cat with several aliases. Crazy Loco, man!

Sammy says, “Rico may be loco, but I’m totally nuts...about my Daddy Eli!”

At The Wide Awake Cafe, even the best catnip is poor consolation when one of your favorite humans goes away to school.

Kimberly (Music and Cats) wonders whether yawning is contagious. I’d say yes, but I can’t afford to go to sleep and miss out on the batch of Kimberly’s Blueberry Chutney I cooked up this morning.

Beezer - a handsome cat, indeed! - makes a pitch for the Conway Area Humane Society... that Ramona can see her Big Dream come true. Check out the story over at Caturday.

Don’t cry for me, Argentina
You see, we got us plenty kitties
Some are quite fuzzy
Some are insistent
Just give them kibble
Or keep your distance...

The Cats of Argentina are the topic of the day at Red Peonies. ¡Las gatitas somos muy hermosas!

They say a cat can look at a king, but in this post at Keewee’s Corner, Rocket looks an awful lot like a Kiwi.

Laurence Simon almost had a new addition to his Kitty Harem, but then common sense took over.

Pishalou: Hear Me Roar

Neighbor, here, can tell you that it’s not easy being the New Kid on the Block in an established household full of kitties. It’s Puffy Tail Time, for sure!

Meankitty Says...check out this pretzel I found. And what’s this? A hamster with nunchucks? Are those metal nunchucks? Or are they wood ’chucks?

Valerie, it would seem, has just given Tigger a once-through on the old Fluff-Dry Cycle. Check out that bushy tail...

Rafe and Rico display a little Brotherly Love at No Deep Thoughts.

My buddy KeesKennis - that’s Baboon Knowledge, for all you Afrikaans speakers out there - will occasionally do a little will his Better Half. But usually, when I’m looking at Kees’s site, I see a different sort of cat...


Ah, here’s a more typical post. Hungry kitty, that first one.

Pishalou: Hear Me Roar

Pishalou says, “Where do you think you’re going with my zebra, bub?”

Well it looks like that’s all the Carnival entries for this week. Let’s check in with Hakuna and Matata, shall we?

Matata: Thanks once again for stopping by, Esteemed Readers!

Hakuna: Be sure to visit next week’s Carnival, to be hosted by the gang at Red Peonies. And, lest we forget, ’Ta and I want to thank our co-hosts Sammy, Neighbor, and Pishalou. You guys are the best! Really. Just stay the hell away from me, OK?

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