Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Every so often, it’s fun to look at the old Referrer Stats to see what sort of searches people are using to find Blog d’Elisson.

Here are the Top Twenty-Five search keywords, according to BlogPatrol:
  1. hanger steak (Yahoo)
  2. tornado dreams (Google)
  3. enema blog (Google) - OK, so I wrote a story that featured an enema bag. Once.
  4. turducken blog (Google)
  5. blog d'elisson (Google)
  6. cats (Google)
  7. enema blog (Yahoo) - There you are again, you Upper Colonic Pervert, you.
  8. bloods (Google)
  9. zeeba neighba (Google) - Clearly a Stephan Pastis fan.
  10. sherlock holmes brown study (Google)
  11. di tri berrese (Yahoo) - A Faux Italiano fan.
  12. curious george cake (Google) - Yes, I did write about a party for Curious George at the Boston Public Library. Cake was involved.
  13. turducken houston (Google)
  14. turducken (Google)
  15. recipe for king ranch chicken (Yahoo)
  16. BIRDHOUSE IN YOUR SOLE (Google) - It might help if you spelled “soul” correctly.
  17. atlanta turducken (Google) - What the hell? Is this the New Food for 2005?
  18. http://elisson1.blogspot.com (Google)
  19. "zeeba neighba" (Google)
  20. elisson (Google)
  21. king ranch chicken (Yahoo)
  22. king ranch chicken (Google)
  23. "chocolate pie" recipe, Goode Company (Google) - For the record, I think Goode Company has excellent barbecue. Their chocolate pie, alas, sucks.
  24. "rectum, damn near killed" (Google)
  25. how can you grow back tron betta fins (Google) - Unless these fish live in an old Disney movie, I think the word is “torn.”

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