Friday, November 04, 2005


Welcome to Carnival of the Cockroaches, Number Three!

They say that the third time’s the charm. How true, when you’re talking about these charming little beasties. Harh.

As I noted last week, in order to make things a little more interesting (and maybe get a few more submissions), we’re opening this Carnival up to the Whole Insect World. Cockroaches rule, but we will let their Buggy Brethren get a few words in edgewise.

This week, the beauteous Phylameana lila Désy of Spiral Visions writes about how ants are Model Overachievers. I wonder if they have little tiny books about the Seven Habits of Successful Formicidae. Oh, and clever post title, too (Ant Lessons / Art Lessons). Heh. Indeed.

Denise, who gives you a daily dose of herself in - you guessed it - Daily Dose of Denise, tells a story with a Roachy Punchline, one that actually involves lotsa little RFOAC’s. [That’s “Reasonable Facsimile Of A Cockroach,” in case you were wondering.]

The most charming GuyK (Charming, Just Charming) tries to figure out how to instigate a war between the Spiders and the Cockroaches. Not only does it save on insecticide, but it’s more entertaining...and may lead the way to new horizons in International Politics. If we could only figure out how to get the radical Islamists and the North Koreans to square off...

And, as if that were not enough, GuyK has another Buggy Post - this one on Persian Gulf kids huffing Squashed Ant Remnants. Just how fucking desperate must you be to try this? Inquiring minds want to know.

I can’t close this Carnival out without relating a little Buggy Tale of my own. About two years ago, She Who Must Be Obeyed was at a shopping area near the school where she works, and she saw a Remarkably Huge Beetle lying dead on the ground. So intrigued was she that she got a baggie and collected the damn thing.

When she showed it to me, I nearly had a fucking heart attack. The meaty little bastard was fully as large as my thumb (actually a bit larger in diameter) and had a nasty set of pincers. I identified it as a sort of North American rhinoceros beetle, and we kept it in its little baggie until we discovered, a week or two later, that there were things living inside that beetle’s corpse...little white squirmy things...

Cuco EddieWell, once again, Cuco Eddie is telling me that it’s time to wrap up this edition of Carnival of the Cockroaches. Tell all your Bug-Loving Friends about us...and don’t forget our sister Carnival, the Circus of the Spineless, the October edition of which is up at Snail’s Tales.

Linked to the TTLB Übercarnival.

[Cuco Eddie ©2005 by Lalo Alcaraz. Used without permission...but with extreme respect and admiration!]

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