Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Mr. get your submissions off to The Carnival of the Cockroaches. Even now, our Research Team is checking out your pantry, along with all that crap you have stored in the basement...

The Carnival of the Cockroaches is your chance to show off your Cockroach- or Other Insect-Related Posts. Stories, photos, whatever. RFOAC’s (Reasonable Facsimiles of a Cockroach) are fine, too.

Send in your submissions by e-mail at elisson1 (at) aol (dot) com (be sure to include “Carnival of the Cockroaches” in the subject line)...or leave a comment on this post with your permalink. Even better: use Ferdy’s handy Carnival Submission Form: simply fill in the blanks and hit the “Submit Your Post” button.

Posts received by 9:00 pm EST Thursday are assured of a spot in the Carnival. Yeah, I know. “Be still, my beating heart.”

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