Friday, December 25, 2009


White Christmas in Big Sky
Christmas snowscape in Big Sky, Texas. Photo by SIL Rebecca.

North Texas enjoyed a (rare) white Christmas this year... if by “enjoy” you mean “suffered through myriad car wrecks, strandings, and travel snafus.” We rode out the storm at our brother- and sister-in-law’s place in Denton, hunkered down as the white stuff flew. A diet of Thai food and oven-grilled steaks made the time pass most pleasantly, and we even managed to drink a toast to the season... getting well-oiled in honor of the Well-Oiled One, one could say.

On the way down to Foat Wuth, we could not help but observe that Texas drivers just don’t have a frickin’ clue. When the roads are covered with slush, you should be slowing down and leaving additional following distance between you and any cars in front of you. Perversely, Texans seem to like doing the exact opposite.

But this is all whiny nitpicking.

We have enjoyed a wonderful Shabbat dinner with SWMBO’s family, including a magnificent beef brisket braised with onions... a reminder of why it’s nice to be with family at this time of year.

To our Christian friends, a most Merry Christmas... what’s left of it, anyway... and to everyone, a happy, healthy New Year full of all manner of good times, good things, and good friends... and the warmth of family to encompass you.

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