Monday, June 16, 2008

Russell Flint

Were I a wealthy, stylish, hedonistic, Man About Town, I would decorate the walls of my home entirely with William Russell Flint originals. The furniture would be Mackintosh, but I didn't need to tell you that, right? I am sure that you all would have guessed it having known my flair for the debonair.

So, who be Mr. Flint? Well, that happens to be a very good question, dear readers. The answer: why, he’s a relatively famous Scottish watercolorist and noted Royal Academician, of course!

Oh, and he was a big fan of painting buxom, scantily clad French & Mediterranean lasses fetching pails of water, taking baths, wistfully looking at sunrises, walking the seashore, etc. And though he is long ago dead - and by now completely musty and not very open to conversation - every time I see one of his watercolors I am overwhelmed with an urge to buy the old fellow an adult beverage. I mean, just check out this beautiful piece.

My goodness, isn’t Cecilia just grand? The Silver Frock is definitely a keeper.

And what about this one? Honestly, what else could one wish for in a painting? You’ve got mountains, a river, shoreline, beautiful clouds, and a topless brunette with her skirt tastefully tussled all squeezed onto the same artful canvas.

I may not be an artist, but I can definitely appreciate it.

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