Friday, January 29, 2010


I’m not generally what people consider an “early adopter.” I like to wait until most of the kinks are worked out before I invest in major new technologies... but even I am a bit awestruck at the new iPad Apple unveiled a few days ago.

Holy. Shit.

Check it out. Watch the video. OK, it’s advertising, but doesn’t that product look übergeekerific?

I want one.

Even if, within a year, they’ll have new models out that make this first version look like a cinderblock. That’s the risk you take when you jump into the Modern Technology Pool.

This is so much like science fiction, I’m only sorry I can’t travel back in time to the Isaac Asimov of 1949 or the Orson Scott Card of 1985 and say, “Dude, we’re gonna be able to buy this thing in 2010!”

The only problem? That name. iPad puts me in mind of some sort of electronickal tampon... and I’m not the only one:

The skit above is over two years old. Prescient, innit? [Tip o’ th’ fedora to Houston Steve for the link.]

So how about it, Applefolk? Ya wanna rethink that name? What about iSlate? You can have that name - all it’ll cost you is a free iPad - er, iSlate - and a lifetime data service contract.

Henry David Thoreau and Fred Flintstone would be proud.

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