Friday, January 15, 2010


Here we go with yet another installment of Friday Random Ten, in which I post a list of stochastically selected songs, freshly coughed up by the iPod d’Elisson.

It never ceases to surprise me, this Random Ten business. Sometimes the juxtapositions make no sense; other times, they are surprisingly effective. It’d make for an interesting radio format.

Let’s give a listen:
  1. The Mikado, Act I: Comes a Train of Little Ladies - D’Oyly Carte Opera Company

  2. Brandenburg Concerto #1 In F, BWV 1046 - 2. Adagio - Trevor Pinnock, English Concert

  3. I Want You To Hurt Like I Do - Randy Newman

    He writes a lot more than theme music for Pixar, this guy.

  4. Rooman ruumiit - Alamaailman Vasarat

  5. Reba - Phish

  6. Animal Collective - Winter’s Love

  7. Angel In Savannah - James Hooker

    They say when it rains in Savannah
    It rains all night long
    They say when you meet a girl in Savannah
    You’re gonna remember that girl
    Your whole life long

    You can lose your heart in Savannah
    Guys do it all the time
    But, lose your cool in Savannah
    You’re guaranteed to lose more than your mind

    I had a girl in Savannah
    She treated me just fine
    She had a husband in Savannah
    But still we had a real good time

    You can lose your life in Savannah
    Guys do it all the time
    But I got an Angel in Savannah I guess
    Who keeps me one step ahead all the time

  8. Mardi Gras In New Orleans - Professor Longhair

  9. Still Fighting It - Ben Folds

  10. Thunder Child - Jeff Wayne, War of the Worlds

It’s Friday. What are you listening to?

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