Tuesday, January 12, 2010


On my way to Dunwoody for a meeting this morning, I was stopped at a traffic light... where I was treated to the spectacle of the driver in the car next to me, engaged with complete and total concentration in a Booger-Hunt.

He would fish around in his nostrils, after which he would withdraw his Nasal Entrenching Tools - his fingers - and examine them closely. This would be followed by the classic fingertip-roll (a favorite Booger Drying Technique), after a few moments of which he would, so to speak, go back to the well.

Good Gawd, thought I. Has this guy forgotten that glass is transparent? That people can see what he is doing? Yeef.

Of course, you could ask me the inevitable question: Why the hell were you watching him, occupied as he was in his Solitary Pursuit? And I would answer: It’s like a car wreck. Try as you may to resist the urge to rubberneck, you cannot.

Entertainment, says I, is where you find it.

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