Thursday, February 05, 2009


This is amazing.

The lovely Boudicca had this link over at her site and I could not help but steal share it.

It’s a still photograph of Barack Obama’s inauguration. Not just a still photograph, however: It’s a panorama pieced together (apparently) from a whole lotta very detailed images. You can zoom in on any part of the image - à la Google Earth - and see amazing detail. You can almost read the music on the Marine Corps Band’s music stands, it’s that sharp.

The fact that technology like this exists is impressive... and more than a little scary. It’s certainly reason enough to avoid fishing for boogers in the old Nostril Pond. Can you imagine the shame - the complete and utter Fu-Na* - of knowing that, in the Library of Congress and on millions of computers worldwide, there exists an image of you with your index finger crammed up your left nostril to the third joint? Busted... big time!

It’d be just my luck.

*Fu-Na (foo-nah): (n.) A condition of extreme embarrassment or humiliation.

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